India Health Link (IHL) is committed to bring about a cultural shift in acceptance of preventive healthcare for all Indians, facilitated by easy access medical tools. With the primary goal of enabling better healthcare solutions for people in rural and urban India, we collaborate with International Health Kiosk companies, develop personal health record system, integrate healthcare technology and care management software, and provide single point access to basic diagnostics with minimal supervision. We envision healthy India with targeted curative patient care to the people who needs the most.

We take pride in our mission to serve the nation with dedication to fight and eliminate common widespread illnesses by providing timely access to primary healthcare. IHLs breadth of knowledge in empowering healthcare with technology is unique, but our real point of difference is the ability to reach unreachable and serve underserved Indians. Because IHL stands to make the change in healthcare delivery to the common people, policymakers and social corporations look to us for inspiration and partnerships, as well as building strategies for optimizing on reach and scale to diverse people population of India.

Over the years, our team has made countless contributions to healthcare industry in India and abroad, and we unite to educate and equip every Indian individual with their personal health information. We provide non to minimally non invasive primary care diagnostics via completely automated and integrated health kiosk. Our products and services are certified and approved, accessible in local languages with onsite personnel assistance where needed, connected in real time on a dedicated network for easy consultation, provides after visit results summary and recommendations in printed format or via secure online access.